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 Urgent Care Treatment for Fractures

Fractures and broken bones can result from various causes like a sports injury, bone disease, and traumatic injuries such as accidents and falls. No matter the reason, broken bones require immediate medical care. At Bayside Urgent Care Center, we can treat fractures, but the treatment will vary depending on the location and the seriousness of the break.

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 What Fractures Are Best Treated at Urgent Care?

Typically, fractures of the foot, ankle, wrist, or hand can be treated at urgent care centers. At Bayside Urgent Care, we have the necessary tools to diagnose the type of break and recommend treatment.

On the other hand, fractures in other areas of the body like the chest, spine and pelvis, and head as well as multiple body fractures are best treated immediately in the nearest emergency room.


 What Are the Different Types of Bone Fractures?

The first thing our staff will do is determine what type of fracture you have incurred. Some common fracture types are:

  • Stable fractures. The most common and most straightforward type of fracture looks like a line on x-ray. While the bone has broken, it hasn’t moved out of place.
  • Hairline fractures. This type of fracture is also called a “partial fracture” because it hasn’t completely broken the bone.
  • Open, compound fractures. With compound fractures, the skin around the bone has broken. In many instances, a piece of the bone will poke through the skin.


 How Do You Know Your Bone is Broken?

Fractures are usually accompanied by pain, swelling, and bruising of the injured site. You may also notice that you can’t put pressure on the injured area, and it won’t support the body’s weight. If you have an open fracture, bleeding will be evident too. If the broken bone is near a joint, your range of motion may be restricted.

An x-ray will be used to confirm the diagnosis and determine precisely what type of break occurred. With this information, we can recommend the best treatment.


 What is the Treatment for Fractures?

To give your bone a chance to heal, you will have to immobilize the affected area with a cast, sling, splint, and/or brace. If you have a more severe fracture, you may need surgery.

The following are some additional treatments common for fractures:

  • Resting the injured area
  • Elevating the joint
  • Applying ice
  • Taking medication to reduce pain and swelling
  • Using crutches or a cane to keep weight off the affected leg

After your bone has healed, you may require physical therapy to regain movement and strength.


 How Long Does It Take Fractures to Heal?

Depending on the severity of the broken bone, fractures can take up to eight weeks to heal. In some cases, bone healing may take several months. Once the broken bone has been realigned and immobilized, the body will heal by replacing the old bone tissue with new.


 Does Bayside Urgent Care Center Accept Insurance?

Yes, we accept several major insurance carriers, including Medicare. If you are underinsured, uninsured, or prefer to pay out-of-pocket, we accept payment at the time of service. We also offer flexible and affordable payment plans.


 Bayside Urgent Care Center Can Treat Your Fracture

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  *Urgent care is not a substitute for emergency care. Always head to the nearest emergency room or call 911 if you experience very serious or life-threatening problems. Read What is Urgent Care for more information.

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