What is exactly is Pink Eye?

The medical term for pink eye is conjunctivitis. There are actually three main causes for this condition.

The first is allergic conjunctivitis. This appears in a patient who typically has a history of seasonal allergies and at times when pollen counts are elevated. Usually both eyes will be red and they will itch. The eye will have clear drainage and there can be some matting in the morning where the eyelashes stick together.

The second type is viral conjunctivitis. This is caused by one of several different viruses. Typically one eye will be red but it can easily spread to both eyes. The eye will have clear discharge and may itch. This condition is contagious and the patient should be held out of work or school until the redness goes away.

The last type is bacterial conjunctivitis. The discharge is pus like and yellow. The eye does not itch and there will be significant matting where the eyelashes stick together.

This is contagious as well and the patient should stay home from school or work until they are treated with antibiotics.


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